Welcome to Brooklyn Schoolhouse

An independent preschool in Clinton Hill.

Brooklyn Schoolhouse is founded on the conviction that children have an innate desire to explore, play and learn, and are naturally competent and capable learners. We believe children learn best in a diverse community where their ideas and questions are respected, and where children are guided through the process of building meaningful understandings.  

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We believe in inquiry-based learning. (“I just saw an ant. Where do ants live?”) In this style of learning, each curriculum emerges from the children’s interests and questions. Rather than teaching children about subjects, we help children experience the joy and satisfaction that come with learning. (Big grins upon hearing how an ant can carry 50x its body weight – like a child carrying a cow or bear.) Curricula and projects emerge from children's interests and are developed and deepened with the teachers' guidance. The goal is that children experience the exciting and empowering process of discovery and learning and develop a love of learning.

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Multiage Pre-K Class

Nature School

Twos-Threes Class

Together Time

Summer Program

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